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Follow-Up #7: Atomic magnetism and peyote

Q: I always believed they were different forces and magnetism did not work on anything but iron etc. While reflecting on Einstiens’ trying to tie it all together I said “Wait a cotton pickin’ minute here, on the Atomic level Magnetism IS at work in everything and holding all Atoms together Magnetically via Electrons, Protons and Neutrons ~ Perhaps there is no magical force called “Gravity” after all! Hey Al I think you were on to something! ~

Peyote Sky (age 66) Youngstown, FL, Bay Co.

A: Dear Mr. Sky- go easy on that peyote.

Magnetism plays only a small role in atoms. They’re held together by simple electrostatic attraction.

Nuclei are held together primarily by the strong (chromodynamic) nuclear force. The electrical force tends to push them apart. Magnetism is again relatively minor.

All these forces are kind of magical when you think about them enough, even without peyote.

Mike W. (published on 02/21/11)

Follow-Up #8: magnetism and gravity are unlike

Q: I want to know that the magnetic force and the gravitational force are like or unlike forces. if they are unlike give me the clear cut explanation.

Gowtham (age 18), India

A: Here’s a few ways magnetism and gravity are unlike:

1. Gravity acts between any two objects, magnetism only between some.
2. Gravity is always attractive, magnetism is sometimes repulsive.
3. At large distances the gravitational force falls off inversely with the distance squared. The magnetic force falls off at large distances at least as fast as inversely with the distance to the fourth power.
4. A uniform gravitational field is undetectable by any local measurement, but a uniform magnetic field is detectable.


Mike W. (published on 03/02/11)

Source: University of Illinois

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