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A trip to Mars (Thanks

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A fellow blogger has been doing an amazing job reviewing books and blogs and soon MKT Library Blog will be featured on their site. As I was going through their site reading some of the book reviews they have done and some of the fascinating blogs they featured, I came across this site:

Distance to Mars

Trip to Mars

Trip to Mars

This site scales down the relatively long distance to Mars, the fourth planet from the sun and the next door sexy neighbour, all the way down to fit your computer screen and browser display and present the results in Pixels. Not just that, it also features the width of the the planet earth, the moon and Mars, in pixels as well. It is a great way for a show and tell at your local schools or amongst family and friends.

Typically, a trip to Mars would take an average of 200 days with the current propulsion systems and technologies available to the leading space agencies around the world. A manned trip to Mars is very challenging technologically, physically and mentally as a return trip is extremely difficult and for that reason the first Manned Mission to Mars could be a ONE WAY trip. There has been some speculations running around here and there and amongst the space fanatics and enthusiasts of a Manned mission to Mars, however, the possibility of a real manned mission could be in a 15 years time (2030). Until then, there are many things to be excited about in terms of the exploration of space and the development of new technologies.

The James Webb Space Telescope is something from the realms of science fiction, nevertheless, it is becoming a reality. It is estimated to launch sometime in the year 2018, HOPEFULLY. We will be reporting more on that.

Soon, New Horizons spacecraft will be close enough to Pluto and its moons to capture pictures images rivalling those of Hubble. On July 14, 2015, the craft will make a close flyby of the icy world, ultimately zooming within about 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometers) of its surface ( This is an exciting mission that will change our perception of Pluto and its moons, as well as other objects of the Kuiper Belt region. We will also be reporting more on that.

Check out what our archived article about the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud.

Please Check out the wonderful blog (lachouett “book reviews for pleasure”).


If you love books as much as I do, you will enjoy this blog. There are many wonderful books reviewed and featured over there. It is a very fruitful visit and a time well spent there.

Mars (Info):

Distance to Earth: 140,000,000 miles (225,300,000 km)

Radius: 2,106 miles (3,390 km)
Distance from Sun: 141,600,000 miles (227,900,000 km)
Mass: 639E21 kg (0.107 Earth mass)
Gravity: 3.711 m/s²

4 comments on “A trip to Mars (Thanks

  1. I am so pleased you took the trip to Mars! I have been there a few times myself *wink*

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