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The Worst Inventor In History (Thomas Midgley)

By Michael Van Duisen on Thursday, October 3, 2013 “After about a year’s work in organic lead, I find that my lungs have been affected and that it is necessary … Continue reading

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Interactive Periodic Table! AWESOME!

Check it out. Brought to us by Scientific American, a fascinatingly interactive periodic table of elements. Here is an image! And here is the link to the ACTUAL thing….. hope … Continue reading

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Chemical Attraction: Why Mosquitos Zone In On Some People, But Not Others

April 27, 2015 | by Tim Spector Everyone who has ever been camping or walking in the wild with friends can’t have failed to notice how insects seem to prefer … Continue reading

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New molecule found in space connotes life origins

By Blaine Friedlander Sept 25, 2014 Hunting from a distance of 27,000 light years, astronomers have discovered an unusual carbon-based molecule – one with a branched structure – contained within a … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen an atom? Well, here is a video accompanied by the journal’s abstract

  Three-dimensional imaging of dislocations in a nanoparticle at atomic resolution   NATURE | LETTER Authors: Chien-Chun Chen, Chun Zhu, Edward R. White, Chin-Yi Chiu, M. C. Scott, B. C. … Continue reading

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