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Particle Physics Discovery Raises Hope For A Theory Of Everything

May 17, 2015 | by Vakhtang Kartvelishvili The standard model of particle physics, which describes every particle we know of and how they interact, was given much credence when the … Continue reading

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Pauli Exclusion Principle

Wolfgang Ernst Pauli (25 April 1900 – 15 December 1958) was an Austrian-bornSwiss theoretical physicist and one of the pioneers of quantum physics. No two electrons in an atom can … Continue reading

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Arguments Against the Anthropic Principle (Anthropic Principle 5)

As has been said, all versions of the Anthropic Principle (except the Weak Anthropic Principle) are highly controversial. They are by no means the only theories that claim to explain … Continue reading

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The Strong Anthropic Principle and the Final Anthropic Principle (Anthropic Principle 4)

The Strong and Final Anthropic Principles are probably the most controversial of the many versions of the Anthropic Principle. They have a ring of creationism, a philosophy that has been … Continue reading

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The Anthropic Principle and Quantum Physics (Anthropic Principle 3)

In Newton’s time, humanity has been relegated to the position of “observer” of the Universe, placed apart from it, supposedly able to look at the Universe, live in the Universe, … Continue reading

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The Selection Effect of Human Existence (Anthropic Principle 2)

The Universe is balanced on a knife-edge of coincidence. It is apparently a coincidence that gravity and the strong force are as strong as they are, or that the Universe … Continue reading

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What is Occam’s Razor? (Content Maybe Offensive)

William of Ockham (/ˈɒkəm/; also Occam, from Latin: Gulielmus Occamus;[1][2] c. 1287 – 1347) was anEnglish Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher and theologian, who is believed to have been born … Continue reading

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The Uncertainty Principle

The position and momentum of a particle cannot be simultaneously measured with arbitrarily high precision. There is a minimum for the product of the uncertainties of these two measurements. There … Continue reading

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What Neil & Buzz Left on the Moon

A cutting-edge science experiment left behind in the Sea of Tranquility by Apollo 11 astronauts is still running today. July 20, 2004: The most famous thing Neil Armstrong left on … Continue reading

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The Dayside : Electron microscopy is beautiful

By: Charles Day 13 March 2015 Last month Josh Redlich of Sterling Publishing kindly sent me a copy of a new coffee-table book whose title hints at its gorgeous contents—Science … Continue reading

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6 Ways To Time Travel (By Minute Physics)

M.K Thomas | MKT Library Contributor Well, we all know that time moves forward. In away, this makes us all travellers through time. But, that is just not enough because … Continue reading

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Study explains why galaxies don’t churn out as many stars as they should

A handful of new stars are born each year in the Milky Way, while many more blink on across the universe. But astronomers have observed that galaxies should be churning … Continue reading

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